Hare Brewery

at the heart of what we do

Hare Brewery

Our new brewery is a thing of beauty…

Hare Brewery combines our traditional artisan methods with state-of-the-art technology.

Not only are we be able to produce more beer, we can produce a bigger variety – including our first ever lager and lots more hoppy, modern styles.

Click to register your interest in visiting the new brewery when it opens from May 15th.

Brewing Experience

A desire for perfection; a passion for brewing

We have over a century of brewing experience in our team, and we’re full of exciting ideas we want to try out.

For us, brewing is all about being creative while ensuring every beer brings you back in for another sip.

Our new brewery helps us do exactly that.

As fresh as it gets The Tap Room

Hare Brewery is now open! Come and visit our brewery, tap room and shop to see what we do and taste our beers at their freshest. Tour the new brewhouse, meet the team and join us for a pint. We’ll be taking bookings from 9:30am on the 29th May. Tours will start on the 7th June.

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